Why I build Gluster Dashboard

I had interest in file system since I was able to finish a campus project about FUSE. I thought by having a distributed file system for my final project, I will learn more about it along the way. So my professor suggest me Gluster File system project which I have never heard before as my final project. It turns out it is not easy as it seems. It is really different with the usual web project. The knowledge of Linux File system and C language is a big deal in this part. Reading the code is different with understanding the architecture. Having Jeff Darcy’s Blog and readthedocs as references are no use at all.

I was ready to give up already when I tried to contact the Gluster developers (Raghavendra Gowdappa, Pranith Kumar Karampuri and Shyam). Thank god they are really helpful. They are willing to help me (even sent me a document which is supposed to help with my implementation). Although even with that help, I still couldn’t do it. I still couldn’t understand where I am supposed to start from. I hope I don’t disappoint them too much.

Finally, I try to create a dashboard for Gluster. I hope by building this Gluster, I can understand architecture Gluster more. I even find many bugs/options from Gluster command line. (I haven’t report it, I just put it in TODO comment in my project). I am going to post about Gluster in this blog, hoping some of the developers (or ANYONE!) can correct me.


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