Revealing Gluster command options

It must be silly to have Gluster command options as a title of a blog, but this options are not explained in the anywhere at all. These options are only known if you open the source code or any part in the Gluster site ”accidentally” use it.

  • --version
    Print the current Gluster version
  • --print-logdir
    Print the location of log directory
  • --print-statedumpdir
    Print the location of state dumping directory
  • --xml
    Print the interactive script command result in xml format
  • --mode=[script|interactive]
    Gluster mode options
  • --remote-host=[hostname]
    IP address of Gluster node that will run Gluster command
    Warning: This option doesn't work if you use it with volume start/stop command.
    (i.e gluster --remote-host=X.X.X.X volume [start/stop])
  • --log-file=[location]
    Desired log file location
  • --timeout=[duration]
    I haven't really look up the use of this option. But I guess this option is for the timeout in remote conection (--remote-host).
    from redhat documentation
  • --glusterd-sock=[string]
    I don't know this is for
  • --secure-mgmt=[(1, on, yes, true, enable)|(0, off, no, false, disable)]
    I don't know this is for

The file location specifying these options is in “cli/src/cli.c”.


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