Gluster Filesystem Dashboard

I created an Gluster Filesystem which is inspired by Aravinda’s GDash. This project is also still very young (I tried to build the architecture more flexible so it will be easier to maintain later on). Anyone who is interested in the project can clone it from my Github. The reason I build this project will be explained in the next post. These are the following screenshots:

Gluster Dashboard
There is a volume start feature, to allow you start without from terminal
Gluster Dashboard-2
There is a brick layout feature, which allows you to know which brick takes the hash range

Steps to use the dashboard:

  1. Clone from the github.
  2. Go inside the cloned folder and install the requirements
    pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. Go inside the gdash folder and run
    sudo python
  4. The dashboard should run in localhost:5000 by default

For anymore help you can run the following command to get running options.

sudo python -h

I would love to find any feedback/issue/suggestion from anyone. I am open to any suggestion.


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